What’s up!!
I know I have been posting less lately but that is because it is to much stress for me to get a post up every day, so I’m in the process of planning what days I will post and so on. I will make a whole post dedicated to this and you can click here if you want to view it when it’s published.

On to the post ➭

Today I’m going to be doing a clothing haul on a few items.
First, let’s start with H&M.
I got a overally type shorts ish thingy. (Price: Unknown)
It’s super comfortable and just chill and I would totally recomed it if that is what your looking for.
Next up is this sports bra/top.
I think it’s fit is very good and it is also quite a unique back and colouration compared to my other ones.
Then I got a bikini from Cubus (a Swedish store) and I am in love with the style and pattern. ❤
It’s just goals!

My biggest struggle with finding jeans and denim shorts is the “waist gap” and here is an example.
Do you see the problem!?
This was me on four different pairs of shorts! I got the overall ish just because it was the only on without a two-inch gap!

Anyways, that was all for today and if you liked the content make sure to like the post to keep me motivated to keep doing posts.
Tell me what your biggest problem is when finding fitting clothes!?

#yaknowmefam ❤ ❤

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