What’s up!!
Today I have a late June favourites post thingy.
Btw, I have decided not to start a gymnastics blog since two blogs would be too much hustle!

On to the post ➭

I’m going to be sharing my favourites within beauty, clothing, music and decor.

So my no. 1 product I have been crazy about and I love so so much is my “MOISTURIZING COCONUT NECTAR FOR NORMAL HAIR —- SPRAY CONDITIONER LEAVE IN” from the Swedish brand “URTEKRAM” and I found it in the supermarket “COOP / KONSUM” and it can probably be found by googling the name and brand.
My next beauty favourite is my “ACO FACE DAY MOISTURISING DAY CREAM” for normal / combination skin. I have been loving it lately and I’m on my second tube and I feel like I want to try a different moisturiser, so I will be trying out a new one for a week and a post about it so stay tuned. 😉
Next, are my favourite clothing items.
Firstly is my “Unicorn fan club” t-shirt. I am just so in love with the soft feel and the writing so I just had to include this in my favourites. (From h&m)
The second thing I have been loving lately is just wearing a black or white tank top with some shorts so tank tops are on the list. (Btw, could not find a white one.)
My two favourite songs of JULY have definitely been “Your Song” by Rita Ora and “Soy yo” by Bomba Estéreo. I just love these songs and I am now crazy about them ❤

On to my favourite decoration things in my room.
First is easily my ribbed cushion from my Summer baby (2) post. It just fits in so perfectly in my room!
My fairy lights from IKEA are just so satisfying to turn on so I can’t not love them ❤ I also purchased covers for them soo…
That was all of my JULY favourites and if you are interested in any product you can contact me! (Find out how in the “About me” tab.)

#yaknowmefam ❤ ❤

I post every Wednesday and Sunday. (I will not post on Sundays after mid-August)


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